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01. Why do we organise this event?

Caviar is organized by a team of young enthusiastic people, who came together in 2017 when looking for an experience that didn’t exist then. We have created for you an event to listen to the best live music, to chill, to go hard, to meet new people and to have the best weekend of the summer!

02. What does the ticket cover?

We don’t want you to take care of anything else than having fun! In this way, Caviar ticket includes a music concert and other additional fun activities, as well as basic living expenses such as accommodation and food for the whole weekend. As for the drinks, we provide  variety of drinks (beers, ciders, sangria…) and some cocktails during the weekend in a standard amount. If you are the kind of person that can easily kill a bottle of gin in a night, you might want to come with extra supplies for yourself. (We provide you the soft drinks)

03. What is the arrival and departure time?

Caviar organizers will be waiting for you from 20:00 on friday. Dinner will be served at 21:30 and will mark the official start of the event, so just make sure you get to the place before this time.

05. Will I get a refund if I cancel my ticket?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a refund if you decide not to come in the end for any personal reason. Talk to us if you have any problem and we will analyze the situation.

06. Can anybody buy the event ticket?

The concept of Caviar experience started as an event to gather friends of friends and different people with a common goal: have fun and discover something new. Most attendees have been personally invited and some of them will also bring extra friends to join the event.


01. How can I reach the place?

The easiest way to reach the place is by car, there will be plenty of cars going from Madrid and Barlceona and we will try to organize them so that you can share gasoline and miles of enjoyment. If this option is not available, then we really encourage you to somehow reach Barcelona and contact some of your friends to pick you up from there because, unfortunately, it will be really complicated for the organization to fix you the way to reach the venue. Yet, if none of these options are possible for you, reach out to us via Instagram and will do all in our hands to help.

There is an Alsa bus from Barcelona (Nord Station/Passeig de Gracia) to Puigreig for around 15€. We can pick you up there.

02. Is there wi-fi and mobile coverage?

There is wifi on the house. The mobile coverage is limited but enough.

03. How is the venue? How is the accommodation?

You can have a better understanding by the pictures below, but just to have an idea, we will be staying in small rooms (3-4 pax) and bigger rooms (7-8 pax). We will try to place all the participants taking into account who knows each other, those who come together and gender. The venue is a huge country house with a great amount of space to be inside in rooms to relax or have meals as well as plenty of ground around to walk or just be outside.

04. What kind of meals does the ticket include4

The food options are fixed (we are not able to provide different food for each one of you) but of course will take into consideration the different health restrictions (coeliacs, lactose free, etc.) and the personal ones (vegetarians, etc.) Yet we might not properly distinguish between all kinds of political parties inside the movement (not able to distinguish ovo vegetarian from flexitarian, excuse us!).

Due to this year’s circumstances, Sunday lunch will not be included.

05. Does the ticket include alcohol? Will it be possible to buy alcohol on-site?

As a caviar participant, you’ll be provided with enough alcohol to have fun… but you know, and we know, there are big soldiers that may need extra ammunition. In this case, we recommend bringing something by yourself&Co.

06. What personal belongings do I have to take to the event?

We’ll send you an e-mail with detailed info. Bur for sure, you’ll need: swimsuit, towel, flip-flops, solar cream and any medicines that you might need.

music and activities

01. What activities will take palce during the event?

You can expect a weekend full of entertainment. During the day, we will prepare some games and different activities such as competitions and pool parties. For the night, get ready for custom parties, madness and hundreds of watts. 

02. What kind of music will be played during the event?

Wanna listen to the best hits of the summer and the finest electronic music? Say no more! DJ sets will be prepared during the nights. In Caviar we aim to mix different music styles, please don’t bother the DJ to change since we will have time for everything!

During this edition we will have an exclusive concert, stay tuned!




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